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MerchantEquipment.com has been providing comprehensive payment processing services and equipment to businesses owners, financial institutions, and non-profits since 2000. Our relationships with various commercial services platforms enable us to offer very aggressive pricing. In addition, we assembled a comprehensive suite of best-in-class products, backed by our unparalleled commitment to service.

Are you looking to establish a new merchant account or maximize ways to save on fees being charged on your existing account?

Merchant Equipment.com now offers merchant accounts at one simple low Rate.

Interchange Plus 0.18%
$.10 per Authorization/Batch
$15.00 Monthly Service Fee

Features and Benefits

  • No PCI Fees
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No Download Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Month to Month Contact
  • Free Online Reporting
  • Monthly Statement with full disclosure of all fees

What is Interchange Plus Pricing?

Interchange plus credit card processing, also know as cost plus or pass through credit card processing is the most transparent, cost-effective form of merchant account pricing. The exact Interchange Rates and Dues and Assessments of the three major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are directly passed through to your business. A small minimum fixed fee of 0.18% is charged for Processing Services. This form of pricing eliminates hidden costs and provides substantial savings over the more common practice of tiered pricing.

How Does and Interchange plus pricing benefit you?

This price structure ensures that your business will always get the best price on every credit card processed. Typically businesses are set up to accept credit cards using a three or four tiered pricing structure. This method takes hundreds of interchange categories and boils them down into specific rates: qualified, mid- qualified, and non- qualified. While this may be simple to understand it will never offer the most cost effective pricing. Interchange plus pricing will guarantee the best rate for every card run 100% of the time.

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